#51 – Sober Voices Summit - Meet the Women Behind the Ambitious Event

Vimalasara Interviews Phoebe Conybeare & Alyssa Hart

3 years ago

The Sober Voices Team

https://www.sobervoices.co/ The Sober Voices Summit is multiple days of intentional content from a diverse array of leaders in the sober movement. This event brings together people from multifaceted backgrounds to share their stories and vision for the future of the sober movement. The content is accessible and inspiring to all sober and sober curious humans. By appealing to many types of sober and sober-curious people, the impact of the Sober Voices Summit is to amplify diverse sober voices and bring awareness to multifaceted points of view on short- and long-term sobriety. The Summit will inspire folx to see questioning or opting out of drinking culture as a major way to step into radical self-love.

February 4-6 2021. Tickets on sale now!


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