#22 – Living an Authentic Life

ft Angyu Devin Ashwood

a year ago

Living an Authentic Life

A life free from craving, addictions and compulsions isn’t just about avoiding intoxicants, it invites the opportunity to live a full and authentic life with creativity and joy. This isn’t just a possibility. Research suggests that although people in recovery from substance misuse often suffer more in the first year, in the longer term they are on average happier than the general population. Could this be because recovery demands effort, self-reflection and a willingness to change? We will explore how we can use these qualities on the Buddha’s path as a self-study and training programme that shines a light on the mistakes we make so that we can give them up and live life on life’s terms. Living an authentic life, in harmony with the Dharma is a life of peace and joy. Please join me as we explore this together.

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